So far there has been 12 people who have landed on the moon, 340 people who have crossed various oceans on row boats and more than 3 500 people have climbed Mount Everest.  Only 2 men have sailing solo, non-stop and unassisted around Antarctica.  Lisa intends to become the first female and the fastest person to complete this circumnavigation with a planned departure of December 2016. 


Lisa Blair Sails the World  Lisa Blair Sails the World


A Yacht-master Offshore, Master Class 5 and MED 3 Lisa has more than enough experience to take on the worlds toughest ocean.  After circumnavigating in the 2011-12 Clipper Round the world Yacht Race and sailing in the ITL Solo Tasman Challenge from New Zealand to Australia Lisa is setting out to become the first female to Circumnavigate Antarctica solo, non-stop and unassisted.  Lisa will become the third person in history to
achieve such a challenge.  Keep checking back as Lisa's campaign develops.

Experience the journey with Lisa's amazing video diaries filmed in some of the toughest oceans of the world.

Lisa's favorite video diary
Lisa reflects on the Clipper Race

Lisa Blair Sails the WorldLisa Blair Sails the WorldLisa Blair Sails the World
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